SHARC FPGA Presentation/Workshop

FPGAs (Field-Programmable Gate Arrays) let you create custom, high-performance electronic circuits using software. In this presentation, you will learn what you can do with FPGAs and how to program them.

Jack Gassett’s successful Kickstarter project: Papilio DUO is a combination FPGA and Arduino board along with easy-to-use software. In the workshop, you will learn to use a Papilio DUO with several hands-on exercises. 

Please check back regularly for further details and updates.

Note: This is a joint meeting with SHARC and the Denver Microcontroller/FPGA/Embedded Meetup Group. Please RSVP only once.

SHARC What’s the Scary Idea? Brainstorm Lunch

Our last Big (literally) Idea took 1st Place at the SparkFun AVC. What’s next? Let’s get together and figure it out. Or just have lunch and chat. If you want to help make stuff happen, please attend.

“What’s the Big Idea?” lunches have been popular and productive. Let’s keep it going. 

We’re always looking for new meeting locations so feel free to suggest someplace new. Maggie Smith’s Irish Pub worked out well last time. Decent food, plenty of space and quiet enough to hold a conversation. 

pcDuino Presentation/Workshop

The pcDuino family of microcontroller boards combine the power of ARM processors, Linux, gobs of memory, and Arduino shield and software compatibility. They are incredibly affordable (especially for active SHARC members). They have a global user base, but were created right here in Colorado by inventor and SHARC member Jingfeng Liu. Join us for a presentation by Jingfeng covering the pcDuino family followed by a hands-on workshop. Check back for further details, workshop participation may be limited.

Note this is a joint presentation with SHARC, the Denver Microcontroller Meetup and the SE Denver Makerspace Meetup Groups. Please RSVP only once.