Rover Rally – Build Session

The 2016 Rover Rally is coming on August 20th.  It’s a perfect opportunity to get started with robotics or brush up on your skills.  This event is designed to get the community excited about technology while creating an event that is immensely memorable for competitors and spectators.

Do you want to learn more about robotics, autonomous vehicles and Arduino?  We are offering FREE meetups for those that are ready to get involved.  Come to these meetups and we’ll help you get ready to participate in the 2016 Rover Rally!  The Rover Rally is a great way for us to put our learning to work, make new friends and have a great time.

Are you a skilled engineer interested in helping others?  Please join us as a mentor!

Come to our meetup to learn how to get involved.


15 min – Overview of The Rover Rally events and vehicle kits

90 min – Hands-on building and programming of your vehicle.  Teachers and mentors help with getting teams ready to compete.

Register to Compete:

Watch the recap video from last year’s event.  Don’t miss it in 2016!

SHARC 7MoT Payload / ULA Pre-Rocket Launch Open House

We will be bringing the SHARC 7 Minutes of Terror Payload to the ULA Pre-Rocket Launch Open House. We will be loading the 7MoT Payload into the rocket body and performing final fitting operations. Our launch vehicle, the Future Heavy Rocket, which is the world’s largest sport rocket, and more than a dozen other payloads will also be on display. This is planned to be an outdoor event (weather permitting), so no special badging is required for non-ULA visitors. Restrooms will NOT be available on site for non-ULA visitors. All non-ULA visitors will be requested to complete and sign a media release form, which will allow ULA rights to any video or photos taken at the open house. For those under age 18, a parent or guardian signature is required.