SHARC What’s the Big Idea? Brainstorm Lunch

Our last Big Idea launched on the world’s largest sport rocket. The one before that took 1st Place at the SparkFun AVC. What’s next? Let’s get together and figure it out. Or just have lunch and chat. If you want to help make stuff happen, please attend.
“What’s the Big Idea?” lunches have been popular and productive. Let’s keep it going.

We’re always looking for new meeting locations so feel free to suggest someplace new.

SHARC at SparkFun AVC

The 2016 SparkFun Autonomous Vehicle Competition will be held on Saturday, September 17 at SparkFun HQ in Boulder. While we won’t be running our winning and first-and-only-ever Full-Size-Vehicle, several SHARC members have entries this year and it’s always a good time. We won’t have a specific meeting place or time for SHARC members, just come out and join the fun. SparkFun is charging admission, $6 prepay or $8 at the door. Order tickets online here:

Use code SFEFRIENDS for a $1 discount courtesy of our friends at SparkFun.

SHARC 7MoT Postpartum

In July, the SHARC 7MoT payload flew aboard the World-Record-Setting ULA Future Heavy Rocket. Although 7MoT did not perform exactly as planned, we achieved our primary goals of inspiring students, building a team, and delivering a payload for launch. We also got some great data from our piston camera and flight computer. Let’s get together for a postpartum meetup to analyze the 7MoT payload build and launch, discuss lessons learned, and begin planning for the next launch opportunity.

Oh, and pizza.

All interested SHARC members are welcome to attend.